May 20, 2022
【Seasonal dish - Grilled Tachiuo】

Tachiuo is named by its distinctive appearance with a long eel-like body and a low dorsal fin that extends the length of the back, its long and tapering body is covered with shiny and metallic silver skin, just looks like a Japanese Taichi.
Tachiuo is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine, the taste of this fish is a cross between flounder and sea trout.

Grilled the Tachiuo and dressed with fresh tomato and fried Japanese Shiso. You can now enjoy the unique aroma of Shiso together with the rich flavor and well balanced tender texture of Tachiuo and tomato.

Make a reservation now or Whatsapp us to have one of the most anticipated omakase menus of Sushiyoshi!

Tachiuo sushiyoshi omakase TST
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