September 20, 2021
The most famous tuna in Japan, “Oma's kuro maguro”

Ōma is a town located in Aomori, the town is famous with "Oma's kuro maguro" in Japan.

The moment when the fish's struggling, the body temperature will apparently rise to 40°C, causing the fish to overheat. The meat will then become pink and firm.

The most representative kuro maguro fishing technique in Oma, "Ippondzuri"(pole-and-line fishing) and "long lining fishing" can efficiently avoid the overheating problem in fishing kuro maguro, to keep it in the best quality.
The meat of Oma's kuro maguro is covered in crimson; it tastes unique with a bit of sourness after the sweetness, which makes it the best in all kinds of tuna.

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