October 8, 2021
The shiny samurai sword of the sea - Cutlassfish

Cutlassfish is named by its distinctive appearance with a long eel-like body and a low dorsal fin that extends the length of the back, its long and tapering body is covered with shiny and metallic silver skin, just looks like a Japanese Taichi. Cutlassfish is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine, the taste of this fish is a cross between flounder and sea trout. The texture is delicate and the meat is white and flaky.Some of the cutlass fish attains a maximum length of 120cm. It's very excited to see one of it with our own eyes.

Make a reservation now to have one of the most anticipated omakase menus of Sushiyoshi!

sushiyoshi Cutlassfish
sushiyoshi Cutlassfish
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