July 21, 2022
【Takumi of Suhiyoshi─ Executive Sushi Chef Kazunari Araki 】

Executive Sushi Chef Araki-san has an impressive pedigree, with more than 20 years of creating sushi at the highest level, leading his brigades to new levels of excellence.

He has spent eight years at Nobu New York followed by four years at Nobu InterContinental Hong Kong and has recently lead the teams at Kakure Japanese Cuisine and Umi as Executive Sushi Chef.

Executive Chef Araki will work closely with Chef-owner Hiroki to take the unusual techniques and innovative thinking on edomae-style sushi to new levels for Sushiyoshi Hong Kong.

Make a reservation now or Whatsapp us to have one of the most anticipated omakase menus of Sushiyoshi!

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