August 7, 2021
Akasu, the traditional taste from Edomae

Traditionally, Akasu (Red vinegar) is used in Edomae sushi, the longer it aged, the darker the color.
Usually, an Akasu aged for three years can be counted as "long-term aging". The "Fujisu" we use is aged for 10 years by IioJozoBrewery. The kind of mellow, rich, and uniquely flavored rice vinegar that Iio Jozo made, requires quality ingredients, beneficial microbes captured from the air during natural fermentation, and long, slow aging. The unique range of beautifully-flavored, all-natural, umami-enriched rice vinegars is crucial and critical for us to create the light, yet rich tasting cuisine in both traditional and creative way.

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Sushiyoshi Akasu
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