January 29, 2024
【Reservations for "Ehoumaki" Now Open】

"Ehou" refers to the auspicious direction where the god of happiness, Toshitokujin, resides. In the traditional Japanese custom of Setsubun (the day before the beginning of spring), people not only scatter beans for good luck and warding off evil spirits but also quietly eat a whole Ehoumaki facing the direction of Ehou, praying for good fortune, positive relationships, and protection from misfortune and illness.

惠方卷 Ehoumaki

The Ehoumaki is made with seven different ingredients. The number "7" symbolizes good luck in Japanese tradition, and by encompassing seven ingredients, it is believed to encapsulate good fortune and attract good luck.

惠方卷 Ehoumaki

Limited-time pre-sale of the Ehoumaki, meticulously crafted by Chef Hiroki-san, a Michelin two-star chef, is now available.Limited to 50 pieces only. Pre-order now to start the new year with good luck and protection from misfortune!

惠方卷 Ehoumaki
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